New Moon

Today I woke at my usual early-bird time, but chose to go back to bed for awhile longer. Now it’s 7:30 and the sun is fully up, the local birds are singing up a nice chatter, the air is crisp and cool; a perfect spring morning. I stepped onto the balcony with Vesta and noticed the river trees are bobbing heads at one another. It is supposed to be rainy today, so it’s nice to be up early enough to catch a glimpse of sun and the change of the color in the clouds. The air smells fresh, clean and new. The little house finches have been visiting the railing, and there’s a stout little male singing his most charming song out there right now. Last night Hubby and I spent our first proper sitting time out on the balcony of the season. I burned some of the WOFG Rose-Musk incense, which was lovely (but much too smokey to burn indoors as it would undoubtedly set off our smoke alarms) and when that had burned away, I dug out some of my own homemade incense that I made at Mabon and we enjoyed that. It seemed more fitting for the evening, made for the ancestors and snaking its way up into the dark of the moon. I had brewed some coffee for us, and in mine I whispered blessings and welcome to my ancestors and Hubby’s, and as I drank, offered the milk, honey and coffee to them through my earthly body. I had made some Anise Moon Cakes for the occasion, but had eaten them earlier in the evening. I did not do a formal ritual as I’d intended for as it came to it, I found myself unfocused and lacking in energy from the long walk we had taken. Besides, I think there could be no better ritual to our ancestors than to enjoy these earthly pleasures on a cool, spring night in our little Love Pod, sipping hot nectar made from the world’s creatures, and inhaling my apple-cinnamon-clove-sage-oak-rosemary-honey smoke as it passes its way through the worlds.

I intend to do my New Moon ritual at some point today. I have decided, once again, that I have been focusing far too much in reading and not in doing. I get caught up in feeling so futile next to those for whom are experienced and practice seems to be tightly woven into everyday. I’m still learning and growing, and I need to get into the grind of it. I also need to stop getting worked about about what other people’s practices are. Yes, it’s helpful in some respects, but reading too much seems to get my mind in fifty different directions. I need to remember that my practice WILL be very different from other peoples, and that’s okay. So, today will not be a ritual like my Sabbats, there will be no formal altar set up, other than some candles and casting sacred space. Since much of what I want to work on will be project related, I’m going to be using the dining room table, the balcony and my altar in the bedroom.

I’ve been making deep inquiries again, and have come up with some interesting discoveries, and even more questions. I would like to use my love of writing, beading, nature photography, paper and fabric crafts and wood burning to express some of these things. So I’m going to incorporate these things into my everyday spiritual practice. And also cooking. I’ve gotten into a rut with cooking, which is normally a great love of mine, and after having some delicious, healthy food from Gorhka Palace, it lit a fire under both me and Hubby ‘s desire for healthy eating. We’ve been researching getting into a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and would like to buy a half a share. We already buy our milk, cream, eggs and meats (and honey, beeswax and cheese when it’s available) from local farmers, but I think to ignite our imaginations and get some variety into our diets, getting regular, seasonal veggies would be a good addition to our growing concern for local farming and our health. We’re still thoroughly enjoying brewing, and in fact just bottled an American Wheat Ale a few moments ago! I’ve adored making my own incenses and seasonal anointing oils (which sort of surprised me) and I’m hoping to find some of those tiny Tabasco bottles to use for my oils 🙂


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