Owl Prowl

(Originally started on 3/27) Last night, Hubby and I went on the most lovely Owl Prowl! It was a little bit of a drive, and in a different park than I originally thought, but what a lovely park it was!! The trees just thrummed with springy life, though they still look all brown, bare and covered in snow, but you could just feel the pulse of the earth quickening! All the birds are starting to nest, everywhere you look there’s a crow with a bit of nesting material in its beak, or the herons atop the trees in their amazing rookeries. Before setting out, we got to meet a live Great Horned Owl who had lost an eye and out on the walk, we think we spotted another Great Horned Owl up among the tall trees on the river. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any others and the darkness enveloped the group rather quickly. But we did see loads of tracks, including deer, fox and, they thought, coyote. It was wonderful to share these natural moments not only with the Divine, herself, but with my loving man, and all the sweet people that were on the walk. Times like those remind me how nice people can be.

The next day, Hubby and I went to take pictures of the herons. It was incredible to see them all and so much activity! The geese on the little island were all honking madly, and the river was raging something terrible, though the ducks were happy it was stirring up so much food for them. I, of course, had to pee midway through our walk, and thankfully I stole away into a tree trunk with just enough time to eliminate before a bunch more people starting filtering down the path again! My bladder can’t last 30 minutes it seems….hopefully nothing to worry about, though it does make time out in (city) nature a real bummer. Unfortunately, the lovely day was left with a rotten taste by a group of gang hoods in the making. That’s one thing about where we live: it’s not terribly safe, and certainly not in parks or the secluded riverside trails that I love so. It makes me sad and wanting a house sometimes, away from downtown, but if there’s one major trigger for my PTSD, it’s big houses with basements. Another major trigger is parks. Ugh….makes it hard to relax and enjoy. My hubby is wonderful, though, and he’ll come with me when I want to walk among my favorite circle of trees by the river. These great beauties just sing in summer when the wind blows through, it is truly a magic circle and I wish it weren’t fraught with ill-meaning people so often. I always seem to attract the attention of the local crazies. It pisses me off, actually, people should mind their own business, and I get apprehensive about walking alone for this reason. People just seem to LOOK right through me, and it’s always the dangerous ones. Why can’t nice people ever see me? Probably because they’re polite enough to not bother others!


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