Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is coming soon, and I’m planning a rite for it, and also some major work on the New Moon. For the Dark Moon, I’ve baked some anise cookies. I was mindful as I was baking, though I didn’t do a formal ritual space in the kitchen, which I probably should have done, but ah well. I stirred the batter and shaped the dough with intent for my ancestors, thinking even of my deceased grand-parents-in-law, who were long gone before I met my husband, but that I’ve heard so much about I feel I know them. Some of my magical items have actually come from them, including my gorgeous red ceramic cauldron (which we use to store my grandma’s homemade granola when we make it). I think I may make a special protection oil on the night of the dark moon to use in my ritual. I’ve got big plans for the New Moon, so I’m going to try to be prepared so I don’t get overwhelmed during my ritual. I’m glad our weekend plans got changed so I don’t have to feel rushed.

I wanted to post some photos, but now I’ve become suddenly tired (probably due to a restless nights’ sleep last night) so I think I’ll turn in.



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