I am very excited for the next click on the seasonal wheel: Spring. Beautiful, wonderful, melty, mild spring! I’ve been making lists of all the things I’d like to plant, and last night I drew a little picture of a couple of special features I’d like to incorporate into my container garden this year, if space allows. I may have to peruse the thrift shops for additional items, like a tiny birdbath and a smallish cauldron to rest in the middle of it. Last year I had a cute little fairy garden and a spot for Mandolin, one of my gnomes, but this year I’d like to dedicate some space to each element/al. A place to invite them and feel welcome on our tiny little balcony in the sky. I know it isn’t much, but it’s what I’ve got to offer.

So even though it may seem weird to mix fire and water together, I thought it would be really cool to have a birdbath with stones and water (maybe even a bubbler going so it keeps the water flowing) and then set a cauldron in the middle so I can finally have a place to burn my homemade incenses and burn my petitions, etc. It may have to been something even smaller than that, but we’ll see what I can pick up at the thrift stores. I’ve noticed the serendipity when I’m planning magical things, and how just the right thing finds its way to me at the right time. Due to fire regulations and safety, I really need to have something that is more safe than me dragging an ashtray out there to burn things, always fearing they will break apart (glass can do that when it gets too hot, I’ve even sin coffee cans split apart at the bottom when the wax inside gets hot enough). So that’s when I decided to mix fire and water. What easier way to put out an out of control, windy flame?

I know little Vesta is excited for Spring, probably more than I am! We had the windows wide open yesterday because it had gotten into the 50s, and she was just running from window to window, then she’d lay by me as I was dancing and stretching and roll around and stick her little rump in the air. She’s neutered, but she still knows that wild, friskiness of spring! I might try to take her outside this year. She is pretty satisfied as an apartment cat who can bask in the sun on the balcony, but still, I feel like she’s being deprived of sitting in the grass, chasing bugs and the like. The thing is, we’re in the middle of downtown, so it’s not safe for free-roaming animals, and she’s terrified of dogs (dogs killed all of her kittens while she was nursing in her foster home) so I get worried about bringing her down into the courtyard, too. I’ll see what I can do. I’ve also thought about getting a big tray to plant cat grass all over the floor of our balcony, but I doubt the condo association would like that. Theses are the times I’d love a little house.

I woke up at 5:15 this morning and clicked on the fireplace for Vesta. I grabbed the laptop and a pint of tea to I could enjoy the flames with my fire kitty. Last evening was very pleasant after another rather hectic day at work. I decided to take a leisurely stroll to the car so I could soak up more rays and warmth before coming home to dance and stretch. I did some meditative work, some breath work and drew a wonderful, ginger scented bath. I used my new oatmeal banana mask from LUSH which was just heavenly soft, and to just chill in front of my candles in the hot water was bliss. Complete silence…it’s the only time I get it. Then I made us a quick feast of pasta, tomato sauce with artichoke hearts, fresh parsley and some cream cheese stirred in, leftover cabbage salad and foccacia rolls from Franklin Street Bakery, toasted and buttered. We then walked down to the little organic grocery store to return our cream bottle and get a fresh one, fresh milk and butter and some beef, all from local, humane farmers. It’s an adorable little store, and though we can’t always afford it, we like to utilize it when we can. We dropped off the items at home and went back out and took a little walk to the baseball stadium. My Hubby is a big baseball fan, and this time of year he gets his own magic bubbling!

We had a nice walkies together, then came home and I worked on some of my “Jedi” stuff. It felt great to connect again, to really feel it click. I’ve felt so alone and unsure, and writing out my petition to burn last night was a nice way to feel plugged into something bigger. I’m still very scattered, a by-product of too many years in my field of perpetual “multi-tasking” (which I akin to splicing the brain into so many bits it doesn’t like to function properly), and as part of my goal to implement some exercises in focusing my brain, not only in stilling my mind with meditation, but in limiting what I’m working on. I repeatedly have to remind myself to put away the six books I’ve pulled out for reference and focus on one, or stash the bits of paper I’ve got notes scribbled on and stay at the task at hand. It can be quite difficult.

Oh my! Time has gotten on! I should be getting ready for work! Blessings fly with you this day we honor the snakes 🙂


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