I was on a pretty good roll of remembering my dreams last week, they were clear, important, intense. There were some common themes laced through them, there were mysterious characters whose faces were hidden from me, and most notably, they felt more real than many dreams of late. They felt like journeys. I’d been using auto-suggestion and my dream oil, along with earnest prayers to my guides, my animal totems, to the directions and their elements, and to the Divine. These past nights my dreams have left with the morning mist, so that’s a little disappointing, but I’ve been holding onto some work stress and not given due time to my Jedi studies. It’s a full week, so I was pleased when I woke up naturally early this morning. Ah well, if I can’t journal my dreams from last night, I can at least journal.

I’ve been really excited about getting ready for spring planting! We’ve had some 40 degree, beautiful, sunny, gorgeous warm days, and you can just smell spring in the air. It’s so interesting how the changing seasons smell so different from one another. The autumn chill smells so distinctly different the the spring thaw, yet scientifically they may be the same temperature ranges. At any rate, in Minnesota, the whole state gets spring fever when it warms up after the long, desperate cold snaps of January and February. People go without coats or hats, some even don shorts! Of course, a couple of my in-laws, being those cold-hardy Norwegians, actually wear shorts all year round, if you can believe that!! My husband usually sleeps without blankets year round, and I just shake my head…I’m covered in multi-layers shivering my buns off!

I plan to plant loads of medicinal herbs and containers filled with beneficial weeds. There are so many uses for the weeds I’ve been reading about that I’m very excited to plant my own container garden of weeds!! Dandelion, clover, nettle, and pearly everlasting, etc. I’ve already bought some of the common seeds of flowers and herbs that I’d like to plant, and I’m going to order the rest online. Some herbs don’t start well for me, so things like rosemary and basil I’m going to buy as seedlings from the farmers market. Oh, I cannot wait to start!!!!


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