I’ve decided that this Imbolc will be a time to cleanse and purify, continue with my projects that need completing, and homemaking. It’s time for an overhaul. I decided to take a que from WOFG and start cleaning the house from top to bottom. I began in the computer room yesterday, and have only a tiny portion of it left to do. Today, I will finish that and begin on another, either the bedroom or the living room. Since we intend to bottle our beer today (Honey Brown Ale, oh yeah!), I seems fit to leave the kitchen for another, less chaotic day. And the computer room looks and smells fabulous. We acquired a couple of new chairs for free, but they needed a little TLC, so I began by making a Lavender Bath of cold water with a few drops of lavender essential oil and taking a wet rag to the entire surface of the chair, pulling off all the dog hair, and freshening the fibers. Lavender is anti-bacterial and helps eliminate dust mites, and it smells glorious and fresh. We washed the seat covers, as they were removable. I moved everything out of the room, including the plant stand and all the plants, my drums, the tuba, the chair mat and then I sprinkled the carpet with a mix of baking soda and crushed basil leaves. I let that sit for about 5 minutes, then vacuumed the whole room thoroughly, using the attachments to get all the little corners and all the edging. I treated a few spots on the carpet with some carpet stain remover. Then I got out the Murphy’s Oil Soap and went to town on the desk and shelves, cleaning, sorting, organizing. I cleaned the plant stand and gave each plant a good prune and water and talked to them since some don’t do as well this time of year with so little light. I washed the windows, the sills, got the cobwebs in the corners and dusted the bamboo shades. I dusted all the pictures and frames. We washed the rugs that hang over the unsightly, generic doors to this room. Hubby packed up my electronic drum set to go to its new home soon (sigh, another story). I organized all the office-y stuff in the drawers.

I needed a lunch break and lost steam a bit when I had to face my craft stuff. I decided that I’ll get the cleaning done portion first, then return to the crafts because then I’ll have the time to just work on them. After enjoying my leftover walleye sandwich, I resumed cleaning, but this time concentrating on the northern shelves and mantle in the living room, all of which needed serious attention. I have many plants in that area, some of which I moved into the computer room with a lovely effect. I’m so pleased with how the shelves are re-arranged, and I even made another little gnome thingy that is so adorable! I’ll have to upload a photo of it, it’s just cute. Since the living room is the largest room, it will likely need to be broken down over a few days time. The bookshelf that houses all of my cookbooks, travel books, CDs and photos is almost a whole day project in itself. I intend on removing the window coverings and washing the sheers (as they can be washed) and the curtains will go into the dryer on the “no heat” setting with a wet rag to remove the wrinkles and dust. I may soak the wet rag in some lavender or tea tree essential oil-water to brighten them with a refreshing smell.

The other rooms shouldn’t be too hard, though I’ll break it all down throughout the week so as not to get overwhelmed. It’s amazing how my egg-dr0pping days are shot through with bolts of energy, usually. I just kept going and going and going yesterday, and I woke up with little grogginess this morning, too, eager to jump into things. It’s still dark out, with only a crack of light as the dawn wakes. I don’t want to disrupt Hubby while he’s sleeping, and my back needs a rest in the ergonomic chair so an opportune time for some blogging and computer catch up. I may sit with Vesta in front of the fireplace and work on my Spider Dream amulet in a bit. I’m just going to add a few more beads to the heads since they kind of disappeared among the other beads, but other than that it’s good to go. I can’t wait to use it along with my Dream Oil, that I’ve already used twice. It’s incredible, I have to say. It smells earthy and exotic, and it seems to put me in a dreamy state almost instantly. It did help my dream recall, though the second time I used it, I got pulled away before I could journal the dream, so I was peeved about that. And yesterday I used my homemade Absinthe Sugar Exfolient for the first time which was also very wonderful! What a beautiful way to exfoliate! I will definitely be making that again 🙂

I felt compelled to do a little spell on the Wolf Moon. It wasn’t anything planned or elaborate, I just wrote a little petition and burned it out on the balcony, sending my smoke wish off into the moonbeams. I was proud of myself for just going for it. I think that’s become a large part of my hesitation is some kind of fear that I’m not doing it “right”, and then I go do all sorts of research when I should simply go for it. It’s like the dream oil: I was apprehensive because I am afraid of stirring up the darkness inside of me, but the thing is, the darkness is something I need to not worry about so much. I’ll face it when I need to face it, I can’t put everything in limbo simply out of this fear. My dreams are reflecting this change in me; I take action instead of being paralyzed. I’m assertive instead of silent. I’m strong instead of needy. It’s amazing how the cleansing has helped my attitude with this as well. Instead of worrying about getting it done, just take one thing and do it, then another, then another. Soon, I was simply cleaning and not worrying about anything, just letting my mind dance where it wanted to go and feeling rejuvenated by my own action and energy.

Ooo! Hundreds of little squiggly dots in the sky are fleeting across to the north: the crows! Now the sun has risen to brighten the sky, and the birds are waking. How I miss the warm days on the balcony! It’s been so bitterly cold, it’s almost unbelievable. I’ve lived here my entire life, and it never ceases to amaze me how cold COLD can really be. Brrr! Time for some hot coffee 🙂


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