Dream Oil

I’m pleased to report that I made my own homemade dream oil yesterday, and it worked! I infused wormwood, mint, anise seeds and clary sage essential oil into olive oil while saying silent prayers to it to bring me dream recall and for protection while I sleep, and put it into the cutest little bottle and placed it near the bed to anoint my forehead before I fall asleep. I’m also making a protective amulet to hang near the bed, but since it wasn’t done last night, I used WOFG’s suggestion of using red thread as protection, and I wrapped a red hair tie made from many red strands around the knobs on our headboard drawers. The amulet will be gorgeous: it’s a little velveteen black drawstring bag containing my obsidian (protection, self-control, resilience, invisibility, etc.) and my amethyst (dreams, instills sober mind, guards against self-deception, opens psychic centers, humility, spiritual wisdom, etc.), a black ribbon, a red ribbon, and I’m going to bead spiders on it. I’m trying to decide whether I should make a yin-yang style spider in black and white, or design a black one on one side and a white one on the other side. Hmmm, I think I like the idea of two separate ones. I think I’m also going to include a web, maybe with clear or iridescent beads 🙂

As I went to bed last night, I first grounded and centered myself, conjured my orb, then anointed my forehead and wrists with the dream oil while asking my guides and Wolf to be present as I dream, for protection, for dream recall, and then asked for protection of my Hubby and Vesta, the whole house, that nothing unwelcome can enter here, and envisioned that the red thread intertwined itself around all of us and around the windows and doors, etc. I was amazingly focused, and I felt confident about it. Before falling asleep, I started to see images, and I thought that I caught the briefest glimpse of what looked like Hel, from what drawings/descriptions I’ve seen. I wonder if that means I was entering the ancestral realm? Interesting!

My dreams were pleasant. I’m not sure that I am recalling all that I dreamed, but the last bit was very clear. I was in Paula Deen’s kitchen (and yet I get the feeling that it was my maternal grandma in disguise because she seemed just like her) and she was showing me how to make fried chicken. First she was telling me to pat the chicken dry, dredge it in a flour mixed with paprika, then drop it into hot oil, lard or shortening. She said I could also bake it, or finish it by baking it in a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes. Then she hustled off into another room and was cutting open an eel, and when it was cut from the top, a massive spiney thing popped out of it. Someone there (my stepsister?) was taking bites of raw eel.  Then my alarm was going off, I forgot to un-set it for today, we’ve the day off. Now, I’ve never fried chicken before, but I think to honor the dream, I will make some soon. We don’t have any chicken right now, but this coming weekend the farmers will be braving the market so we’ll go stock up on chicken then. I’m not sure about that baking part…it seems like chicken would be overdone if it were to be baked after frying, but maybe it was an alternative to frying she was giving me. How cool to have a cooking dream!?! I’m not sure what to make of the eel. I have no desire to eat eel, blech! But, you never know when you can use strange information, so I’ll consider it filed away in the psyche.

I spent all day yesterday finishing up a bunch of projects that have been sitting around forever. I made a bunch of little catnip mice and toys for Vesta, a few little stuffed monster pillows, a small satchel to carry my cell phone in during the summer when I’m wearing dresses with no pockets, and a few other things that I didn’t get quite done yet. It was fun and healing and I enjoyed having the whole day to just do my own thang. Hubby and I started the day with lots of coffee, a lovely brekkies made by him, and we assembled a beef stew in the crockpot to have for dinner in the evening. It was incredible! We’ve been doing much more cooking together, and I’m happy he’s enjoying it, too. We’ve made beef stew many times before, but I threw in some red wine and a little leftover salsa that needed to be eaten up, as well as some sundried tomatoes, sauteed onions and mushrooms and I think those additions were perfect! We thawed some frozen dough for rolls and they were divine! There really is nothing like bread hot out of the oven with creamy butter 🙂


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