Seeing, Hearing, Knowing

This is an excerpt of a post from my other blog that I’d like here to refer to as it pertains to my spiritual experience.

“First, let me indicate the different ways I visualize and/or receive psychic ju-ju. When I’m *trying* to visualize, I usually don’t actually see anything, but I do see it in my mind. It may not be an exact “picture”, but I can get a sense of the scene. Then, I get what I consider to be visions. They sometimes come as I’m doing mundane things, and sometimes as I’m meditating. They are very distinctly different from my normal visualizations because it looks like a camera lens opening up, and suddenly I SEE a clear, visual picture in my mind’s eye of the scene. These are usually brief and can be a little elusive to hold onto. I often don’t know what the scene is until after I see it in real life. I also have what I call “Knowing”. It’s simply that, suddenly, I’ll just KNOW something. A few examples: I knew when my sister was pregnant a couple weeks before she told me, same with one of my cousins, I knew that my sister’s best friend who lives in Seattle was going to have a miscarriage, and at that same time, I knew that she would lose another pregnancy later in her life (what turned out to be twins), I knew when my neck doctor had cancer and was going to die three months before it happened, I knew when my allergy nurse tried to do a flip turn at the pool but missed and bonked her head really hard, etc. So these things I don’t see at all, I simply GET the knowledge of it. I’ve also “seen” things through the eyes of others, it’s almost like I’m seeing through two sets of eyes because I’ll still see what I’m doing in the present moment, but I’ll also have a clear vision of what another person is seeing. This is something that really bothers me, and I don’t understand how it’s happening, but I have to firmly stop these messages when they happen as they are usually violent or disturbing events. I also receive sonic messages sometimes. These used to happen very suddenly when I was younger, but now they almost always happen as I’m meditating or scrying, especially when I’m scrying. The mental chatter I hear is most disruptive, and has led me to give up meditation sometimes. I have to be very clear with telling my psyche that I will only receive messages that pertain to me. But there are times when these messages are incredible, and the Voice that understand to be my perception of The Divine is a very distinct voice, and sometimes it will be yelling over the chatter, but I can never, ever recall exactly what the Voice says later, only the memory of it being spoken. My sister says that it’s supposed to be that mortals do not remember the exact words of the Divine, which I find really interesting. I’ve also heard (while scrying) what I considered to be a voice that felt intrusive and dangerous, which I promptly told it wasn’t welcome here. I’ve picked up messages from objects, which I later learned was called “psychometry” and this was probably one of the most fascinating things I’ve experienced.”

It’s probably pertinent to point out here that I have gotten sonic messages from my deceased relatives, sometimes while swimming, sometimes in lucid dreaming. After my grandma died, she said something like, “I’m fine here, and I love you” as I was swimming. I nearly jumped out of my skin! I think I may have heard from her before, though don’t remember it exactly now (d’oh!) And I got an awesome lucid dream about mother in law after her death; she called and I picked up the phone and she said something like, “I made it here ok. I love you both. Make sure to tell (my husband’s name) that I got here.” My sister got a similar message from my grandpa, but she also got a really cool physical communication that went with a dream. In the dream, my grandpa told her he was fine, that he missed and loved her and that he was going to send her one thousand dollars. A few months later, she was searching in her glove box for something and found an unmarked bank envelope and inside was $900. She said, “Hey, if it cost $100 to get money sent from beyond the veil, hell, I consider that a bargain!” Pretty wild!


2 thoughts on “Seeing, Hearing, Knowing

  1. sapphireladyblue says:

    I love it! Good for you telling the voice it wasn’t welcome. You are gifted, but please tell me you are shielding.
    Love your blogs!

    • djinnsilk says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 I’ve gotten much better at creating my little glowing orb around me when I work at home, but I definitely need to remember to shield when I’m out and about. I have a really cool shield that is like a skin for when I’m walking, but I’m terrible at remembering to conjure it. I need to start spending just a minute or two before my walks and visualize it, or at the very least, get my floaty orb going. When I heard the scary Mordor sounding voice while scrying, however, I most definitely had NOT shielded myself as it was before I really knew anything about anything. After that, I quickly learned how important it is to take precautions and also to research such endeavors. Blessings fly with you!

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