In writing out what I could remember from my dreams last night, bits and pieces that were familiar places got me to thinking about it. There are some dream worlds that I return to again and again, some that I return to occasionally, and others that seem completely unique. There was a hotel in the dream that I’m sure I’ve dreamt of before, though now I can’t recall any more details than being in a hotel…maybe I used the elevator. I think mirrors may have been featured in the dream hotel. There was also a new world in there, and yet it felt intimately familiar to me. I was in a grove of trees with a small clearing and lots of cute little bushes. The dream me knew the place, and felt safer there than just about anywhere. The land spirits spoke inside my head (and I thought I may have seen strange movements of energy) and told me that this was my place, I would be protected and safe in this place. And then I started to fly. I find this part of the dream particularly interesting since I’ve so far not been able to really ‘see’ any personal sacred grove in my mind. I will happily draw on these images now when I do my inner work. It was awesome because since there is virtually no place outdoors, other than my balcony, where I feel safe to do spiritual work, I’m glad a place has shown itself to me in the mental realm. I need a place like that, and I thank my guides for revealing it to me 🙂

Today is going to be our second beer brewing day! I’m still excited to brew mead, and I may just try one of the gallon recipes online so I can give it whirl before committing to a huge quantity. It’s raining and gloomy and likely to start freezing into an ice rink soon, so we got our beer kit yesterday so we don’t have to drive out in this yuck today. I wish I would have picked up some mead yeast, though :S I have been making more salves the past couple of nights which always brightens me! I made a new version of my Sweet Warming Salve that is absolutely splendid!!! It smells kind of like pumpkin pie, and goes on so smoothly and slightly warms my achey joints, I just LOVE it!!! It’s got olive oil, locally sourced beeswax, cloves, mint, anise seeds, cinnamon, black peppercorns, dry mustard, ground cayenne pepper, basil, oregano, juniper berries, raisins, fresh ginger and sweet orange essential oil. I sort of created the recipe from different recipes and doing a little reading up on the different benefits (and risks) of each item. I am so pleased with how this recipe turned out! I made another small batch for my mom last night. I had been telling her about it and she said she’d like to try some 🙂 I also really wanted to make a balm for cold sores since I get them sometimes and so does my brother-in-law. I cut the recipe in half, but it still made enough for almost FIVE  lip balm containers. I was thinking that they were 1/2 ounces, but they are actually 1/4 ounce containers. That’s ok, though, because they’re fine for just regular lip balm anyway. They are a very mild bergamot and tea tree salve that is creamy, easy to apply and not too strong on the essential oils. I find a lot of cosmetics are just too heavy handed with the scents, so it’s wonderful to be able to create my own and control the amounts. I had previously made a tonic (water steeped with herbs and then some essential oils stirred in) for cold sores, and it’s SUPER strong, so I diluted it and it’s lovely to use on my skin. It’s not just for cold sores, either; I’ve been using it as a body tonic for all of my trouble spots. My skin is pretty icky in places, and I get very stubborn blemishes all over, and some eczema, and so far this tonic is nice and gentle (tonics are supposed to be gentler than astringents) and has worked really well. I think I may give my brother-in-law a bottle of the diluted tonic for his cold sores, as well. Some months back I had made a wonderful sage-vinegar astringent, and still have a little in the bottle, which also worked well, but it is quite strong.

I would have liked to have made my cold sore balm with Lemon Balm, which is supposedly really good for cold sores, but I don’t have any. There are other things that were listed as being good for cold sores, and I may have to make myself a master list so that I can experiment. I do have a prescription for my cold sores that is effective, but it’s very expensive, and it would be nice to have an alternative. Especially since the medication works best if you catch the cold sore in the tingling stage, before it actually looks like a cold sore. A lot of people I know who get cold sores don’t realize they can get a prescription for it, and some just simply can’t afford it. I got mine when my cold sores were so badly out of control due to stress that it started making its way up my face! It was scary and horrible!!  And I’m extremely careful when I wash and touch my face because they are so contagious. I use a separate towel for my face, and will usually wash my hands before and after using the bathroom just in case I touched it and wasn’t aware. It is a nasty virus, and since my immune system is so fragile, I have to be really careful. In fact, even when I get the sniffles I try not to blow my nose because blowing the mucus out will create a cold sore. It really sucks! And I can remember getting them when I was ten years old, so it’s important to teach your kids not to share stuff with people, and to wash their hands!!

I think I read that Neem Oil was very good for cold sores, but I like using the olive oil since it doesn’t go rancid as quickly as some of the other oils. I may try some concoction with coconut oil since it apparently doesn’t go rancid at all, and I have to say that the coconut oil hair & scalp treatment I’ve been using in my hair has also (along with the use of my tonic) REALLY helped the huge patch of eczema on my forehead. YAY!

Well, my beloved Hubby just got up and has already smacked the pack of liquid yeast! Someone’s excited to brew beer!!!  😉


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