A Message From The Cosmos

I posted this on my other blog last night, when I couldn’t log into this one. I feel it definitely belongs on my spiritual specific blog! Usually, I don’t simply repost things, I like to write earnestly in the moment, but I have other things I’d like to get to tonight. Meditation, for one! So here’s last night’s post, followed by a follow up post from today:

It’s a strange thing to have tears come, unbidden. While trying for the second (and unsuccessful) time to sleep tonight, my thoughts wrapped up heavily with many burdens, I found the wetness of tears waking me further up. I decided I’m meant to write about one of the things that brought the tears on with no preamble.

There is a couple that has been busking on campus for many years, longer than I’ve been around, I expect. They are unique and interesting, and very good musicians. ‘Good’ isn’t exactly the right word…otherworldly. I’ve avoided stopping to listen because I never have any cash to give them, and I feel it’s rude to listen without having something to give in return. But one particular day, the wife, who usually plays violin (incredibly, mind), she started to sing. And the husband sat back, eyes fixed upon her adoringly, to listen to his beautiful lady sing. Her angelic, yet powerful sad, chilling, voice rang out throughout the whole of the covered Washington Avenue bridge. There was something in her voice that was godlike, ethereal, and it’s only now that I recognize it as such. Tears came, unbidden, at the sound of her voice, and with a giant sob in my throat I was overcome with such sorrow I had to stop listening. It was a shameful thing, I did, to put my headphones on when the gods were singing!?! I’ve decided that should I see them again come spring/summer, I’ll have something to offer, and a request (if I could be so bold as to ask): that I hear them play their music together, and that maybe, if she would, sing out to the Universe again.

The very memory of it recalls the same sorrow, the same treacherous beauty of it. I’ve seen them a few times riding their bikes together, and twice, they’ve looked at me…intently. She, especially. I cannot deny my trepidation of the penetrating look, and now especially when I realize my folly! How does one simply walk away from the shining rays of a god, or the glimmer of a goddess? Because one was foolish, and did not know it.

Today’s Post:

I saw the busking man today at noon! After my post last night, up he rode towards me on the bridge today!! I was so befuddled (and had naught to offer which was well enough since he wasn’t playing) that I could only turn towards him and offer a smile. He looked at me rather oddly, he seems wary of people. I wanted to say, “Blessings”, but my voice fell short, my nerves on edge! I followed after him as he rode on, then walked his bike up the hill, then rode on again after getting to the top. He’s older, and all grayed, wears a black top hat and tailed coat, dress shoes (even in this frigid cold!) with thick red socks, and trousers. He was riding that same, old-fashioned bike, without his wife, however. I think his wife might be sick, as sometimes she’s been seen (Hubby and I are both intrigued by this couple) wearing bandanas over her head, much like the Cathy Caps for cancer patients. They are such a special couple, I feel for them. I think about them often.

Also, the 6 river crows acted strange today: I’ve never seen them all cluster onto one area of a tree, all huddled together, but they all did. And there was one crow that seemed…not exactly right, but I’m not sure…and all the rest came around and hopped near him. One seemed to be pecking at some ice on the branches, and I wondered if the one had gotten his feet frozen to the branch. As I offered silent greetings, they all turned their beaks and eyes to me! Well, the one with frozen feet may not have looked, I couldn’t be sure, but the rest did. I could see all their gleaming black eyes and little pointy beaks looking my way. I was very excited!


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