Savvy Salves

I’ve now successfully made 6 kinds of salves!! I’m so excited and have been having loads of fun with it. I’m doing easy recipes for now, and have tried a couple on the fly that turned out well. My two favorites are a peppermint lip balm, and what I dubbed Schmoopie’s Sinus Soother that’s got lavendar, sweet orange and cinnamon leaf essential oils that I made for my hubby’s very irritable, sneezy and dry as a bone nose that worked like a charm! The lip balm rocks my socks, too, very subtle and pretty smelling, and not overly pepperminty.

Update: I’ve made a number of salves now, including a very subtle, solid perfume for my sister with patchouli (her favorite scent) and clary sage, a couple of cinnamon warming salves (one which I gave to my circus instructor) that are absolutely fabulous for sore hands, a hot pepper salve (also for my circus instructor), and another round of the sinus soother since it’s so wonderful and popular around here!! I made myself a tonic for my skin problems that so far feels great (after I diluted it) and seems to have helped a spot of eczema and even a cold sore. I’ve also made a bunch of awesome bath goodies that were a big hit with my sister and niece: a peppermint sugar scrub, rosemary infused oil with epsom salts, and most recently, I made a special batch of salts for my niece, who has asthma, with oil infused with herbs and a few drops of essential oils that are supposed to help asthma (rosemary, pine, bergamot, clary sage, and lemon). My sister reported that those were a big hit, not too strong and really did settle her asthma down. I’ll have to keep a steady supply of that at hand so hopefully they can use that whenever possible instead of the steroids. And the kid LOVES the way the oil and salts make her skin soft without putting on lotion! She loathes to put on lotion, but the great thing about oil in the bath is that your skin is soft the minute you step out and continues to be silky soft for hours after. I love using oil in the bath! Course, too much makes a yukky-ness you never forget, so always best to keep it moderate. She also really likes my peppermint lip salve, and apparently she doesn’t like to put things on her lips either. I think because chapstick is too waxy (I don’t care for it much either, though I do use it when I need serious wind protection in the winter), and this salve seeps into the skin to moisturize it, with only a small bit of beeswax. I sprung for the good stuff, too 🙂

So a bunch of successes so far, with only one failure: my oatmeal salve that I wanted for my itchy skin, but the oatmeal went moldy, so I’ll have to try something else for the itchies. I still have tons of salve that I bought from The Witch of Forest Grove, and those are the coup de gras of salves, so I continue to lavish myself with those 🙂 My bum loves the pleasant coolness of the Hemorrhoid Salve, and the Forest Healing Balm is excellent for topical wounds and chapped skin. Oh, if I had the funds, I have a wish list a mile long from Miss Sarah Lawless. The witch is the bomb!

I’ve been having a ball mixing and brewing! I feel it brings me closer to my practice, it fills my spiritual well. And I have to say, making things for other people…it really has lifted my spirits. It helps me feel move giving, and less solitary in my practice, even though I practice alone. And my sister certainly can appreciate it, she is a kitchen witch herself 🙂 She meant to invite me to their Samhain ritual, but I think things just get so crazy for them that they just went ahead with it. I try not to be bummed, but at the same time, perhaps I’m just not meant to practice with others right now. I still don’t have a solid private practice, how then do I share anything? I need to work on my own thing, as difficult as I’m realizing it is to develop. I’ve thought about attending some basic public rituals to check out the vibes, see if I meet anyone interesting. I’m very distrustful of big gatherings of any religious affiliation, even (and maybe especially) pagan ones, because I fear that I’d find the same dogma, the same “holier than thou” attitudes. My sister is a solitary, but has done a number of public rituals, and she speaks of it with a cautious air. She does have lots of pagan friends (and I, none) but the fact that she remains intensely private with her practice speaks volumes. I once attended a coven meeting that was being held in this crazy house she once lived in, and I was young and a rebel punk who didn’t care about such things at the time, but even then, I remember one lady…her ju-ju was just permeating the room with dominance, control, righteousness. I didn’t want to have anything to do with that at all.

I do find it interesting that though I’ve been exposed to witchcraft for a long time, it never crossed my mind to get into it. I’ve always had an interest in the occult, don’t get me wrong. But…it just wasn’t the time for me, I guess. I heard things, saw things, knew things that I couldn’t explain, but as those things came closer to home, it started to spook me. I tuned out. I blasted music in my ears to ignore the messages. I tried to ignore the succubus that lives at my dad’s (who is now much happier and settled, and we’re all glad of that!) And after sensing a curse that my sister left in our old house as we moved out, I stopped being curious. I didn’t want that kind of power. I was irresponsible, foolish, and I knew it. I had no business meddling in things I was ill equipped to handle. It’s funny, though, because I have a very, VERY different view now of spirits (even really scary ones), messages, death, fetiches, blessing and even cursing than I ever thought I would. I get it now. I understand so much more, and yet, I still find it difficult to express in words. I guess I hold the view that we each have something different to do here, and the only true way of learning is by going within. I find a great pull for a community, support, camaraderie, friends who understand, and yet, my beliefs and truths lie somewhere hidden. My teachers are not…here…necessarily. I once had a message while scrying that said, “You are the teacher. You are the guide.” I keep trying to remind myself of that. I guess I’m still frightened, though. I know there are dark things in this universe, darkness that one is right to fear. I just need to get a handle on the fear. I’ve fought some tough battles, and I know that I can be strong and brave. I guess what I get nervous about it is…my cowardice. It is also very much there. I’ve run away, I’ve hidden, I’ve seen things that I should have taken action against and didn’t. I’ve crumbled and fallen. That’s what worries me. In this path, you need to stand strong. You need to be brave against those horrid things.

My dreams of late seem to be reflecting a change in that area, however. I’ve shown more bravery in life as well as in my dreams. I’m pleased, but still cautious. I know that I can be a magnet for…I don’t know, malevolence or whatever. But, I’ve successfully pushed that kind thing away before, felt the strength in my commands. I’m still a padawan, and will be for many, long years. I’m happy for my growth, though I wish my guides would respond. But then I think, maybe my cosmic ears have just tuned themselves to wrong channel. Today will be another day of meditation, and also altar work. I adore my altar and have not paid it enough attention lately. I greet it regularly, but it’s hard to sit at since we have such a small space, but I think I’ll make the effort to get a proper chair and hang out there for awhile today. I’ve got new crow and goose feathers that I’ve not properly worked with, and another day of water scrying seems to be in order.

Man, I suddenly feel like going to the circle of trees down the way and chanting joyously to the cold, morning skies!


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