4:33 AM

Vesta got me up again at 4:30 this morning, which is her usual witching-kitty hour, but rather than go back to sleep, I stayed up. I journaled a bit of my very vivid dreams in my dream journal. In the dream, I’d gotten promoted to a new position at work, and got a whole new work station. Our IT guy, my best workmate, splurged on some really funky computer set up for me and upgraded stuff that I knew he didn’t have to but he did anyway. Our office was in a completely different setting, however: it was really modern, and I think there was even a pizzeria all lit up with neon in the office itself, and yet it didn’t seem ridiculous at all. I think I remember two other work people (Ann & L. Albee) milling about, the other faces might well have been co-workers yet they didn’t really stand out. There were some exchanges between me and JG that were odd: he was leaving on vacation and kept giving me hugs and kissing my cheeks (I’d been reading a scene like this in my fantasy book before bed), and he kept hiding under my desk to test some electrical stuff but it seemed dangerous and weird, and not really his job description–though I was happier it was him than the crabby electrician we normally have, who in the waking world has been spotted in our building every day the past couple of weeks but won’t reveal why he’s snooping around. There were windows that let in tons of sunlight, and the place was quite cheery. It was a pretty cool dream, and promotion has been on my mind a lot lately. The dream seemed uncannily real, and I think the tail end of it was lucid because Vesta was standing on my chest, nudging me with her nose and I was aware of her and the fact that I’d been woken up, yet still in dreamland.

I finally got all the “Body Building” weeks of Ariel’s podcast written out so that I can work on them straight through, and I’ll continue taking notes . I’m not really sure when to start because I’ve got so much going on right now. Three nights a week are booked for awhile; on the two night’s I babysit, I haven’t been getting home until around 8:00-8:30pm, and since I got talked into remaining in Circus class for another 3 weeks, Tuesday’s I’m booked from 7-10pm. I’m usually in bed around 9pm, so Tuesdays are tough not only because Circus class is more than a simple exercise challenge, but because I’m falling into bed way too late, and often then cannot sleep. It makes me crabby and wiped out for the whole of my Wednesdays. Ugh. When I spell it all out, it sounds even suckier! Ah well, life is busier in summer and fall, I’m sure things will be tapering off soon. I’d like to not be a wuss about this, though, and need to make the time (hence, getting up at 4:30) for my inner work.

I’m champing at the bit to get started making my homemade salves, as well!! I need to carve out time for that! My first order of business (besides getting a few essential oils and appropriate herbs and plants) is to make an anti-itch salve for my horrid bum, a neti-pot mix of soothing medicine for my Hubby’s poor nose (he’s got vasomotor rhinitis), a sore muscle salve and pain salve for us but also for my Circus instructor since she’s giving me three free weeks of class. I’d also like to make her some bath salts, a bath bomb and maybe some lip balm. For the itch salve, I think I’m going to try something with oatmeal, calendula flowers and maybe some peppermint essential oil. I may investigate other itch-soothing ingredients, but this recipe had worked on a young child for whom little else was working for his sensitive skin, so I’d like to try the simplest recipe first. For the neti-pot mix, I’d like to use ingredients that not only help as decongestant’s, but also that soothe the skin inside the nose and hopefully even make it more pliable. I wish there was a way for him to get the St. Ives Collagen Elastin lotion way up inside his deep sinuses, because let me tell you, that lotion is a miracle. It makes the worst, cracked, tight skin soft as a lamb and pliable as young, supple skin. It’s awesome!



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