Magical Mabon

I had a very enjoyable ritual this afternoon for Mabon. I was tense after work, and not finding any extra energy for dealing with people at the pool, I opted to come home and enjoy the solitude of my late-afternoon ritual. I got all my preparations taken care of, setting up my altar with some beautiful, autumn-colored, hand-woven dishcloths that my mom made for me as my altar cloth, my big, fancy white candle as my Spirit candle and two white hand-dipped candles for my god and goddess candles, my obsidian and crystal quartz representing the polarities, three red and gold maple leaves that I found in the grass as I left work, an offering of whole milk with wildflower honey, some homemade incense that I whipped up on the fly (rosemary, sage, cinnamon, cloves, oak leaf), all of my tools plus my pewter dragon figurine (representing east) and an interesting chunk of wood with an air plant in it (representing west) that I chose to feature today. I also had a chalice with salt water, and my “cakes and ale” which was some spiced, hot tea and a bowl with some squeaky cheese curds and apples from the farmer’s market with some cashews tossed in. I know the “cakes and ale” thing is kind of a Wiccan thing, but I really like to incorporate this bit into my rituals as I feel it is really at the core of earth spirituality. What is more earthy than nourishment to our bodies with harvested bounty, both borne of our Goddess Mother Earth? I wish I would have gotten a photo of my altar! Dern it!

I am starting to realize the importance of ceremony, even though I really struggle with this. I feel a bit silly with too much ceremonial stuff, but I appreciate its use in assisting our minds, especially for a learner, to create the atmosphere and change that we desire. Especially for someone like me who struggles with focus and visualization. I really enjoy ritual drumming, and I often incorporate listening to ritual drumming into my workings. (I am a drummer, actually, but my electronic set isn’t terribly suited for the kind of ritual drumming I enjoy which is leather-covered, natural drums, though I may one day soon give it a go as it raises enormous energy to BE the drummer!) I also think chanting is extremely effective for me, I get major sensory ju-ju when I chant (even if it’s not aloud but in my head) or listen to chants. These are my two favorite methods of inducing trance. I did some ritual dancing, though I kept it light since my incense seemed to be making me a little woo-woo. I cast my spiral prior to all of this, though only in my imagination, not with my tools as I normally do. I did work with my wand a bit, and did some subtle hand-energy work. My meditation’s were lovely and relaxing. I kept notes on all that I was doing, as well. Hubby came home just as I was finishing up saying thanks to all those invited and was nibbling down the last of my cheese, apples and cashews as he walked into the bedroom. Oh, and I finally got to wear the gorgeous fairy shirt that I made at Mum’s and it feels awesome. It’s feminine and sheer and looks best worn without a bra and some simple leggings beneath it. I strutted around for my lover to show it off 🙂 Though I’ve been feeling so ragged, stiff, sore and old lately, I felt youthful and yummy for the gods and my king today!

Happy Mabon everyone, and welcome to the Dark Mother.


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