I’m still fully immersed in finding wonderful, witchy recipes! I’ve been collecting recipes for salves, infusions, incense, potions and anything else that strikes my fancy to put in my grimoire, and have even started to think of my own. I’m excited to try my hand at cooking some up, but since we’re going on vacation next week, I’ll wait until we get back. I’ll need to be conservative so I don’t go buying more than I can handle. I think I’ll choose one or two recipes to try out and fiddle around with variations. I love playing with recipes! I’d really like to use my many crockpots because they’re slow simmering, safe, and non-reactive. I was all ready to trot off and buy a ceramic cook pot, but I’d like to find one from a local artisan, and right now that kind of price tag isn’t in the budget. Plus, we’re sort of maxed out on space for stuff in our condo. I figure the crockpot does the exact same thing, and I can walk away from it safely 🙂

A lot of what fills my spiritual well is fun in the kitchen. I realize I haven’t really been cooking at all this summer, and perhaps it’s time I got back to it. I got pretty complacent with this last bout of depression. It’s so hard to bounce back, plus it’s been unbearably hot most of the summer (not like last year’s perfectly cool summer! Why couldn’t we get that every year?!) Now that the weather is starting to cool, I feel that excitement bubbling back up in me again. I absolutely adore September and October! Samhain/Halloween is coming which is hands down my favorite holiday; the scrunchy leaves blowing about, the winds that play in the air, the cool, crispness making it perfect fleece-snuggling and fireplace weather. I love to decorate for Halloween, and though our attempts at party planning have failed miserably too many times for me to consider throwing another one ever again, I’m not going to let that stop me from decking the place out the way I like it, and brewing up mulled wine, Halloween cookies, orange lights all over the house, hell, maybe I’ll even invest in some cheesy window clings this year! Instead of inviting incarnate guests, I’ll invite the spirits, the mythological creatures and the gods! My brother in law is apparently starting up a Halloween shop with his partner for the season, so my sister tells me I should head over there for my Halloween needs. What’s great about finding my path is that now I can throw these holiday parties for myself in honor of the seasons, the earth, the Great Spirit, and it not only means so much more than simply throwing a party, it’s okay that it’s just for me. In a spiritual context, it gives me permission to celebrate myself and my beliefs. I don’t know why one needs permission to throw themselves a party, but I guess in our society we have this double standard about anything self-serving. On the one hand, we’re discouraged from being selfish, and yet, there’s a definite trend of self-absorption that doesn’t feel healthy. I think there’s self care, self love, self health that is healthy and necessary, but often pegged as “selfishness”, and then there’s self-absorption which feels more like a lavish spoiling of the outer self, like the overindulgence in fashion, beauty and products, but a denial and repression of the inner self. Kinda whack.

Hubby and I are going to try brewing beer and mead together, and I’m so glad he’s interested in a hobby that will sustain his interest through the long, cold months, and get him busy with something. Too often, our hobbies keep us sedentary (crafts, computer stuff, etc.), this will be good for us. Not that we need to drink a lot of alcohol or anything, but it will make nice gifts for people and should be fun to play around with! It seems fairly simple, and since we’ve got no kids, and now our little Boo, who needed so much care and made so much mess, is gone to the Moonlit Gardens, we’ve got more energy and can use the second bathroom for storing carboys and stuff. What a perfect time of year to start up interests in potions and brewing! I can’t wait!!


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