Red Tail Hawk

I’ve been completely immersed in (as usual) too many books, projects, podcasts and meditations. As a result, I’m (as usual) all over the place in my mind. This has been kinda good for me right now, though, since coming out of a long depressive period. I’m syked about Christopher Penczak’s Inner Temple book that I dove into whole-heartedly. I still haven’t listened to the CD companion, but finally took the plastic off today and will listen to it soon. My meditation schedule has been great, and though nothing profound enough to write about, only super-subtle stuff that drifts away faster than I can journal it. It’s sorta like that Foe Glass in Harry Potter when Mad Eye Moody is showing it to Harry, and there were all those subtle traceries of faces. But last night I programmed my Instant Magic trigger and have used it a couple of times. Today, I used it when I noticed a red-tail hawk flew out of the trees and started his circular hunt for food. I crossed my fingers (the trigger), and reached out in my mind to the hawk. I can’t even recall now what I said in my mind, but suddenly the hawk swirled over me and kept swirling and looking down at me before completely changing direction and flying off downtown! It was totally awesome! I was a little bummed that I couldn’t read anything specific from the hawk, they say you can pick up mental images from animals, but I didn’t get anything. I wonder if he was trying to communicate with me and I just didn’t know the language he was using.

I’ve been working on what I call my magic pages. It’s basically just a homemade journal that I paint pictures in. While I would like to work in sacred space and do the Orb of Power meditation before working in any of my magical journals, I’m still incorrigibly lazy. My mind is so foggy and forgetful when it comes to all the formalities, so I just wing it. I do try to keep my mind focused, but open, while I’m working. I figure that’s the most important part. But I do enjoy my sacred spiral space and want to get more comfortable and efficient when casting. I did completely clean and dust off my altar recently, and it looks happy and shiny. I haven’t spent much time with it, instead trying to be out on the balcony as much as possible. Tonight I was in there for awhile and did a meditation, but I got all crabby afterwords and wanting a sweet treat. I thought I came out of my trance properly, but oh well. And since we’re both trying to lose weight, there’s nothing properly sweet to be had ’round here, so I settled for toast with cinnamon & sugar. Not the same as a sundae, I’m afraid.

(I wrote this on 8/18/10, not sure why I didn’t just post it, but here it is.)


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