Guided By Voices

Ok, so my title is a nod to the band GBV, but also to my real sonic guides. This aspect is something I’ve long grappled with. I’ve always heard whispers, chatter, shouts, agony. It can be a blessing and a curse, this gift, but it’s a very important part of me. On many occasions, I’ve made a point to try to silence this ability. It can rule me, take over my senses, confuse and startle me. It can be traumatic to hear pain that I know not where it comes from, or worse, pain that is coming from those I love. It wasn’t until I tried water scrying, however, that I found much use for sonic messages. I think my question of the moment was, “Am I on the right path?” or something like that. And I suddenly could see in my mind’s eye myself with my hand extended behind me, holding a child’s hand though I could not see the child, only knowing that it was a small person. Then I heard, “You are the leader. You are the guide.” Then I heard a voice that was deep and scary and (no kidding) sounded like it was speaking the language of Mordor. Because it was frightening to me, I told the voice it needed to leave immediately, which it did. I ended my scrying session, and haven’t had such a profound session since.

I’ve heard strange things while meditating, and the coolest experiences are when I can hear what I associate with the Voice of the Divine. My sister has told me that it is said that when one hears the voice of the divine, one can not remember what it says. That’s what happens when I hear this voice. It’s a deep voice, kind of resonating, and it just feels powerful, like the Universe itself ringing, speaking to me. Sometimes I can hear it amid loud chatter, once it was even yelling above the chatter though I struggled to hear it over the chaos of voices (it felt as if I were tuning in to every thought on the block!). I can never recall what this voice is saying, which has been highly frustrating as it feels like I’m missing important wisdom. After my sister told me this theory about the Divine Voice, however, I settled that it must be meant to be a subliminal message to my unconscious mind. I haven’t heard it in a long time, since I’ve been hesitant in earnest work of this nature. Since my mother-in-laws passing, I’ve been completely blocked, or perhaps I’m simply not ready right now. I think the idea of one’s own true power is pretty frightening, and thus, I’ll accept it as it comes with time.


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