After my post about symbols, I was really chewing about finding my own that I could use in my (future) homemade runes that will mean more to me than simply adopting a prescribed set. In researching a tad about trees for creating my own runes, it came to me. Why not use the symbols that have already presented themselves to me through my animal and nature familiars/messengers? So I’m going to make my wood runes with eagle, wolf, spider, squirrel, crow, hawk, fox, roach, heron, tree and whatever else that has ‘spoken’ to me (Joey Ramone, perhaps?! That’s another post 🙂 I’m going to get a wood burning kit to carve the symbols, I’ll investigate stains (though I do like the natural state of wood), but first I’ve got to find someone with a saw and vice to cut the branches into pieces. I can be a bit of a klutz, so I do get a wee bit leery of woodworking projects especially. But I LOVE wood, wood art, and I absolutely think the woodworking crafts are integral to witchy connections with the earth. Cooking, woods, metals, fabric, beads, all of that stuff, just cannot be crafted without magic, I think. I could get lost in watching the Lord of the Rings DVD extras as they interview all the craftspeople. That whole series is completely imbued with magical arts, I just love watching them. In fact, I often get severe creative impulses when I watch either the movies or the extras.

In fact….I think it’s time to pop in the DVD extras and get to work on my latest project: a homemade faerie book made of maps 🙂

Later, yo!


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