Medicine from the Grove

Ok, I simply cannot get enough of The Witch of Forest Grove. I am in absolute smit with Sarah Lawless!!! If I could pick up and move right now to Canada, I’d beg her to allow me to be her apprentice. I find her arts to be absolutely fascinating and at the core of real, folk-witchery. I love the idea of potions and salves, I even love all of her little skulls, feathers and bones! It’s obvious that she is the real Kahuna, that she’s spent a good deal of time and effort in serious study in her craft. I’d like to try my hand at brewing up some kitchen magic since cooking and herbs rock my world. I’ll keep searching for appropriate reading, but in the meantime, I do have a few very simple recipes (acquired from random places) that I’ve added into my Grimoire. My lack of discipline has been my only obstacle, as it’s been with my entire practice lately. But I’m slowly but surely going to shed the shroud of depression that seems to have me in its silent grip, and then I’ll be mixing up my own bath time treatments, in fact, maybe I should try some now to help pry my mind from dark places. Starting with some safe, bath and body elixirs should be easy and fun.

Since I feel very disconnected from my own heritage, and I grew up with virtually no traditions (and the ones we celebrated were fraught with the poignant angst that comes courtesy the ‘blended’ family), I feel a strong urge to find something to draw upon. There’s a definite leaning to my European heritage, but I feel that I identify more strongly as a Minnesotan. My mom lived on an Indian Reservation for a time, and she has a special reverence for Native American culture, foods and crafts that were a normal fixture in our house, so it’s a very familiar culture to me. I like the feel of this land, and I understand it as my place, my nest, my home. It’s like, by living on this land, I can feel the past, I can sense the culture in its dirt, the air, the trees. It’s been neat to find The Witch of Forest Grove because it reminds me that one must work with what’s in one’s own backyard. Since I do not live in the European nations of my ancestry, I have little knowledge or experience with their landscape and lore. I grew up here, this is my home. This is the place and culture to which I can relate, so why look anywhere else? And for me, it’s not about simply adopting a culture, it’s about incorporating those pieces that make sense and work for me. This is how new cultures are born, I ken. I firmly believe that what we are born into isn’t necessarily where we belong. In fact, I would venture to say that, indeed, it is meant that we find our own way beyond that which we were born into.


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